SPOT A: The Church

Melways Map 177 G9

The perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon watching the afternoons arrivals.

Best time to shoot - Afternoon

How to get there - Look for the right turn into Uniting Road after you pass the turn off for the designated viewing area.


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SPOT B: Sunbury Road Viewing Area

Melways Map 177 H9

The designated viewing area on Sunbury Road.
While not the best spot for photographs, this spot is great for families trying to get up close and personal with the big jets as the come in low over your head.

Best time to shoot - You can shoot from this spot all day, but you
will have to adjust your shooting angle depending on the location of the

How to get there - There are signs along Sunbury Road showing
directions to the viewing area. You turn right at the Oaklands Road
Intersection and then immediately left.


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SPOT C: Sunbury Road

Melways Map 177 J10

This spot is just any spot on the side of Sunbury Road that you feel comfortable at.
Make sure you are careful after rain where about you pull off the road around here as the ground can get very muddy and getting bogged is not hard.

Best time to shoot - Good for morning approach shots onto Rwy 16.

How to get there - This spot is just any spot on the side of Sunbury Road that you feel comfortable at.
Make sure you are careful after rain where about you pull off the road around here as the ground can get very muddy and getting bogged is not hard.


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SPOT D: Emergency Gate

Melways Map 177 K12

Make sure you remain on the far side of Sunbury Road away from the perimeter fence or you will be asked to move along by authorities.

Best time to shoot - Ideal for climb out shots from Rwy 34 during the morning.

How to get there - Head away from the airport along Sunbury Road
towards the spots above, and you will see signs and a left turn lane for
the emergency gate. Pull off to the side of the road along here.


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SPOT E: RWY 27 Approach

Melways Map 5 C2

Best time to shoot - Probably the best spot for Rwy 27 approach shots and you can shoot there for most of the day.

How to get there - Again, head along Sunbury Rd from the airport.
Look for the worn path at the end of the guard rail for the best spot to
enter. Be careful when trying to get to this spot as the steep slopesand the sometimes
wet clay mud can make driving conditions dangerous.


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SPOT F: Operations Road 1

Melways Map 5 A10

.Best time to shoot - Best for morning approach shots onto Rwy 34.

How to get there - Located of Operataions Road before the entrance to
the golf course, look for the gravel driveway on your left after the
Qantas maintenance base. Pick your spot in this large open area
depending on the angle of photo you are after.


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SPOT G: Operations Road 2

Melway Map 4 K10

.Best time to shoot - Afternoon arrival shots on Rwy 34.

How to get there - Just past the golf course entrance on the back of
the Operations Rd bend you can pull over to find yourself a spot.
Make sure you watch out or some earth drains on the side of the road
along this area and the rest of Operations Road.

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SPOT H: Operations Road 3

Melways Map 4 J9

A great spot for lineup shots for the heavies departing from Rwy 34

.Best time to shoot - From late morning through to the afternoon.

How to get there - The exact location really depends on the angle you
want on the day, but all angles can be covered in the area in front of
the golf course


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SPOT I: Operations Road Carpark

Melways Map 4 J7

This spot canít be missed, especially on a weekend afternoon, being filled with families watching loved ones departing. Not the best location for photography, but a good location to watch the action on both runways at the same time. You can also find locations to the south of the Carpark can be found for departure shots from Rwy 16.

.Best time to shoot - Afternoon.

How to get there - Follow Operations Rd along past the gold course.
You will see a car park just after a slight left turn in the road which
is usually busy weekends.


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SPOT J: Mansfield Road

Melways Map 4 F3

The spot for those who donít mind a rough ride.
This spot is probably the most challenging at Melbourne Airport to get to and the high fence makes some shots difficult.
The backlit effect for most of the day generally discourages most people from visiting this spot.

.Best time to shoot - This spot results in backlit shots most of the
day and for most of the year except late afternoons in the summer
months. The level of back lighting you tolerate on your shots depends on
what time you head to this spot.

How to get there - This spot takes around 10-15mins drive from the
Operations Rd areas. Check you street directory for exact directions.


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SPOT K: Loemans Road

Melways Map 3 J2

While the furthest spot from the rest of the viewing areas, catching a heavy departure from Rwy 27 can give you some rewarding results.
This spot can also be used for approach shots on the rare occasion Rwy 09 is in use.

.Best time to shoot - Late afternoon, not only for the light, but
also the reduced heat haze which can pose a real problem.

How to get there - Continue along the above Sunbury Rd spotting
locations for another few kilometers. You will pass through 2
roundabouts, take a left and the third roundabout. Around 200 meters
after turning left there is a fork in the road, go left here. This on
Loemans Rd. Continue along until you reach the point where you can look
straight down the runway.


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